24 July, 2017

My mom is too old...

Quick info in the beginning. My mom is 52 years old now. I'm 22. OK, now I can start.
My mom and me had the same fashion taste for quite a long time. We wear each other's clothes and we are perfect shopping duo for most times. However, she recently started to change her wardrobe because "she's too old for this". I feel stupid for even needing to say this, but here it is: anyone can wear whatever they want. Now that we know that, I also have to say that I'm a firm believer in dressing according to your age. I don't like seeing granny in mini skirts, for example. Thankfully, my mom feels the same. But it never struck me that she's now 'that older lady'. I still see her in her early 40s (she was about 35-40 when I started noticing people around me and when I transferred more into her world from being a baby). She threw away her shorts and now that we have summer going on here, she needed some light clothing. I offered my shorts and she refused as they are too short (my shorts come to mid thigh area). I was so surprised that she said she is "too old". I've been with her for 22 years and, I guess, I stopped thinking about it. Also, another thing why I don't see her as too old is because she honestly has the better figure than 22-year-old me. I'm writing this now cause the thought of my mom being old was never on my mind before she said so. Although I'm aware that she is not actually old, for me, 50s are the start of the last part of life. And that scares the sh*t out of me. I know I'm overthinking this, but I can't get it out of my head. My mom thinks she is old. And she will always be 40 to me. She'll always be in her best age, looking the best she ever did.
Anyway, not to bore you with my mom not wearing shorts anymore, I'll end it with a question. How do you see your parents? Are they getting older in your eyes? This is so weird to me. Haha.

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