05 July, 2017

Today: 5.7.2017.

Doing: I'm currently on vacation so I'm enjoying myself - swimming, eating, watching TV, the usual, but without a worry on my mind
Mood: great!! - actually could be better, but I decided not to complain this week at least as I'm at a beautiful place, having a peaceful and fun time
Favorite person: my brother
Thinking about: getting a job next week and deciding which one I'll pick
Missing: going out - I wrote that one last time too, but I really wanna go out and party!
Loving: that I finished my college year recently and now I'm free as a bird
Hating: sun burns I got so I can barely walk
New discovery: you can get blisters from sun burn too - I thought this kind of blisters is possible only when you actually burn yourself (like on a stove or fire - done it both)
Listening to: Luis Graziatto - Something just like this (sax cover) - honestly check out his channel, these covers are touching my soul (he did a cover for Despacito too...)

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