03 February, 2019

Things that need to die in 2019

I don't know how to feel about the end of 2018... If I look at a year in general, it's wasn't anything special, but if I cut it in pieces: I finished college, worked at my favorite place ever, got to the highest point regarding my self-esteem... Maybe I should write an entire post reflecting on the past year? Tell me if you want some shorter review.
This past year was crazy on a global scale and I won't even go into politics, environment problems or anything that serious. It's just not for me. But light topics and social media are my thing. So here's a list of things we need to leave behind.
  • apologizing for having stuff/opportunities
If you have something you know a lot of people would want or if you get an opportunity you wanted, don't apologize for it. You can wish for some people to be as lucky as you are, but enjoy every moment you have. I shouldn't apologize for having a phone, laptop, for traveling... whatever. You can be considerate and not brag, but being happy about your possessions and accomplishments is perfectly OK.
  • apologizing for having some imperfections
Now, I watch a lot of youtubers and usually girls apologize for their chapped nails, messy hair or something like that and guys for, I don't know wearing shorts or something. I personally hate hate chapped nails and it's really not something I can stand on myself and I'll definitely notice them on somebody, but why is there a need to apologize for it? You're not offending anyone by not repainting them. This is just an example, but I think you get the picture.
  • lip liners in darker shades than lipstick
Total shift from this deep stuff, I had to include some make-up here. There's a lot of beauty stuff I just don't get and dislike very much, but this trend has had me puzzled for a year. How did this become a trend and why? There's not much I can say here, just please stop.
  • cropped everything
And now on to a bit of fashion... I get trends and how everything changes pretty fast in fashion industry, but 2018 has brought this copped trend and absolutely everything is cropped now. Jeans, sweatpants, all tops... There are some cropped models I actually like, but we, and by "we" I mean "I", need less cropped and more normal clothes. 
  • being upset about follow/unfollow
This comes from being a blogger, very active on Twitter and trying to grow on Instagram. I see a lot of people complaining about follow-unfollow game and I don't understand it. I couldn't care less if someone is doing it to me. Why does it bother people? If you have the time to follow and unfollow me every single day, be my guest. I will follow you for 2 reasons only: you're somebody I know (a friend) or I like your content. There's no "he followed me so I have to follow back" in my books.
  • being offended by everything
I saved the best for last. This past year was absolutely crazy and over-the-top with being offended. People were offended by almost everything and also on behalf of other people too. We definitely need to stop it. I can't say anything without writing paragraphs of explaining myself and I'm sick of it. I get it the times have changed and what used to be considered a joke is today offensive and I'll admit some jokes take it too far, but not everything is an insult or attack on humanity. People need to chill.


Name 2 things that you want out of your life in 2019!

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