22 October, 2017

Movie review: Billionaire Ransom (2016)

Note: Plot has spoilers (obviously, duh), but you can read all the rest without me revealing anything.

Info: Billionaire ransom (somewhere called Take down) is a 2016 movie starring Jeremy Sumpter as a lead role of Kyle Hartmann, Pheobe Tonkin as Amy Tilton and Ed Westwick as Billy Speck. Although Kyle is the lead character, there's a group of his new friends and enemies that the plot revolves around. This action, adventure and crime movie is 1 hour and 47 minutes long.

Plot: Kyle is a rich kid that gets himself in trouble when he crashes his car after getting slightly drunk at the party where he met Amy. He gets out, but leaves Amy to die. His father takes care of everything as Amy survives, but sends him to Scottish camp designed especially for rich children that need to learn how to grow up and take responsibilities. Once Kyle gets there, he meets more rich kids who all learned to live by the rules there. There's also Amy who tells everyone what he did although Kyle swears he doesn't remember what happened that night. After finally realizing that he can't beat the system there, Kyle starts acting by the rules and actually starts enjoying his time there. Amy also points out that she is free there for the first time ever. Suddenly, a group of criminals, with Billy as a leader, invades the island and takes everybody as hostages, except Kyle who wasn't in the room when they barged in. Kyle then runs away and figures out a plan to rescue his new friends after seeing all guards are dead. After rescuing his friends, group splits into two and they start a war against these criminals. Some of them actually kill some criminals. However, they often get into life and death situations. Amy also saves Kyle's life. While taking care of hers wounds, Kyle kisses Amy. When the plan to disable Billy and not kill him goes wrong, there's a final fight between Kyle and him. Kyle eventually throws Billy off a cliff and Billy dies. In that time, parents of the kids, who were blackmailed for one billion dollars ransom the whole time, come with the police. It turns out Amy's step-father arranged the whole thing so he could get the money she inherited from her late father.

My impression: I really liked this movie. I always love when characters change for the better so I loved that here too. I also really liked the romance part here which is very subtle and short, but sweet. I also didn't feel like it's almost 2 hours long. Somehow it seemed a lot shorter as there's always some action in the movie. What I didn't like were all parts when we're drawn back to their parents. Their plot was kinda boring and not that necessary. It also breaks all emotions and intensity of the plot on the island.

Recommendation? Comments on imdb say people really like it. I know I did. You would probably think it's Chuck Bass against Peter Pan, but I see something more here. There's some progress in young guy's mind and there's a good message how you can accomplish something if you work as a team. Also, all racial and status problems are resolved as the time passes and how this group evolves. Also, I liked watching Jeremy the whole time.

Did you watch this movie? Please tell me your impressions if you have or if you will!

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