12 March, 2017

TVD era has ended!

Hello. For all of us TVD fans, an era has come to an end. I'm writing this just now because I actually just watched the last episode. I've written one other post mentioning this show, but I never really talked about it. I won't go into much detail cause that would seriously be too long. I'm just gonna write down some of my thoughts. Also, have in mind I'm not a freak fan and I forgot some things, but that's OK. Also, this list has no order.
  • As written in my linked post, I was on team Damon since the first scene.
  • Stefan is the ultimate good character.
  • Alaric and Caroline were the weirdest "couple" ever. He was their teacher at one point.
  • Caroline and Klaus were great together. I loved the development of Klaus when he was with her. Also, that note in the lase episode - how cute!
  • Katherine was so freaking annoying.
  • I actually really liked Kai.
  • Lexi and Stefan were great (friends) together. Seeing them together in the end makes me really happy.
  • I missed Tyler.
  • I never missed Jeremy.
  • Jeremy and Bonnie were a weird couple.
  • I'm so glad Matt didn't turn out to be anything supernatural.
  • I'm also glad Matt got to know his history and heritage.
  • Friendship between Bonnie and Damon was just great.
  • Alaric and Damon were also great together.
  • I'm kinda sad that Stefan didn't have friends like Damon had Rick and Bonnie.
  • Stefan and Caroline were a weird couple at first, but I really liked them together.
  • I loved the friendship between Damon and Liz Forbes.
  • The plot with Salvatore mother was so boring and unnecessary. It only made the brothers sad. I also hated the whole "family" that came with her.
  • I really liked the original family, especially Elijah (and Klaus, of course).
  • Relationship between Elena and Damon since they start dating evolved so much.
  • I think Damon is the character who has grown the most.
  • My most memorable line is, of course, "Hello brother."
  • One of my favorite scenes is when Damon compels Elena to forget when he told her he loves her for the first time and she was still with Stefan. (S02E08)
  • First love scene with Stefan and Elena was more intense than first Damon and Elena moment (and I call myself a Delena fan...) (S01E10)
  • I'd love to go on a road trip with Damon.
  • I'd love to have a glass of bourbon with Damon.
  • I never understood why Damon and Stefan haven't seen each other for 15 years before the show starts. They love each other to death.
  • Couples I also liked are Caroline and Tyler, also Matt and Rebekah.
  • "When people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations." (S03E19) This is the moment when Delena kinda starts, and I love the quote.
  • The number of good things Damon did for Elena, Stefan and the rest of the gang that went uncredited is too big.
  • That's one awesome Salvatore mansion.
  • Becoming a vampire is supposed to be very difficult and painful process, yet Caroline had no problems.
  • Somewhere in the season 2, Damon says he'll gladly let Bonnie die if he has to, but that friendship came out to be one of the strongest in the show.
  • Damon stepping in and dancing with Elena was the cutest thing ever. (S01E19)
  • Enzo and Bonnie are great together. (S07E19)
  • Enzo and Damon are great together too...
  • I never missed Elena. I was so glad she was gone.
  • My ultimate favorite thing about this show is the love between Salvatore brothers.
  • Last name "Salvatore" sounds so royal.
  • One last bonus fact: I cried during last episode. Which I also have mixed feelings about - ending with narration and everybody dying?? Also, why are they all parting their ways if they can all be together after death?
There you have it - 40 thoughts on The Vampire Diaries. Thank you for 8 seasons and 171 episodes.♥

Have you watched the show? What are your thoughts?Most importantly, are you team Damon or team Stefan? #teamSalvatorebrothers

comment below :)

I know there are SO many pictures and screenshots I could have included, but we all know what has been going on through the show and this is just a small reminder of that. *pictures are not mine*

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