20 March, 2017

Things I spend most money on

I've written before about my wishlists and how I love this or that, but there are some things I spend more money on than others. This, however, doesn't mean I'm willing to pay more for e.g. some bag, it means I'll buy more of them. Get it? Here we go.
  • bags
I buy relatively affordable/cheap bags that really last me forever cause I'm constantly changing them and not wearing one all the time. In my eyes, you can't have enough bags. They all differ in sizes, colors and shapes and I love to be prepared for any outfit and occasion.
  • shoes
I really didn't realize this one cause I have quite a lot of heels which I rarely wear, but then I counted all of my shoes, including flip-flops, sneakers, boots, heels and all other models. I had 31 pair of foot wear and since then I bought few more. In my defense, all of these were quite cheap and I would never give a lot of money on something I know I'll get more and won't wear as often. The only pairs that are more expensive are my sneakers I wear 99% of the time and winter boots.
  • sunglasses
I have only one pair of real sunglasses, branded. I told you I've bought my Ray Ban glasses with my first paycheck ever and I was so happy. I had to work whole month just for a pair of glasses, but I think it was worth it. Other than those, I have about 5 pairs of ordinary sunglasses from everywhere.

I think this is it. Have in mind I'm really not bragging here, I just realized this (as I was thinking about buying these cute pink sunglasses) and thought it would be fun to write it down. Also, really, I'm a student and I have no money, my parents aren't wealthy so almost all of these stuff cost around $15 - $20. Really.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to shopping? How many bags/shoes/sunglasses do you have?

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