24 February, 2017

Today: 24.2.2017.

Doing: went to college, watched YouTube bloggers/vloggers, ate - I basically did nothing.
Mood: great!!!!
Favorite person: my friend Matt - you're not even surprised by this anymore, right?
Thinking about: how I need to workout today and I really don't feel like it, how I haven't written anything here as I've been so busy, how annoyed I am with my family eating my favorite cake
Missing: going out - I was out recently with my friends and I had such a great time I want to do it every single day
Loving: that I'm getting a fresh start on Monday and that I'll be home alone in just few hours
Hating: rain that thought it's OK to come back even though I'm already in my spring mood
New discovery: coloring actually makes me relax and forget about everything
Listening to: Lana Del Rey - Love (this was trending on YouTube so I checked it out)

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