07 August, 2015

Video in written

Hello. How are you? All going good? Tell me if you have anything you would like to share. Comments below.
Anyhow, for past few weeks I've been thinking about making a video, but then again, I already said it and I can't make myself do it. Mostly because I don't want anyone to actually see me. I think I've written about some really personal stuff and I do not want my "friends" to see this and think God knows what. It's my life and if I can keep it like that, I'll try my best. But, then again, I really want to show you me, my expressions because I think a video is always more personal than a written post. Oh well, we'll see where this will take me. Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I can actually see my goals from "Plan for a change" post come true. I have a really good plan and this time I hope I'm not backing down. I finally bought myself brand new RayBan sunglasses that I've been talking about since forever. I know they have been in my blog for quite a few times. I can now brag a bit and say that they are really great. I bought New Wayfarer 2132 if that helps you anyhow. Also, I started working out. Now I will probably ruin this routine because I'm going to seaside for 3 weeks and all I do there is lie and sleep. So, that probably won't be good for my new evening routine. Also, being a shy person, I can not workout in front of other people. My parents are also there, so yeah... I won't work out. I hope to God that I'm so wrong right now. And yes, if you were wondering, I am 20 and I still go to seaside with my parents. I have no problem with that. I love going with my friends also, but this year we didn't make any plans and I can't not go to the shore so I'll hang with my dad for a week and with my mamma for two weeks (at least). That should be really relaxing and easy going. Another great thing about this is they are paying for everything (not that I buy anything there, I'm just talking about regular food and necessary stuff) and my mom likes to cook and bake for us. It is a win - win situation. I see it as a win - win. So, going back to my title, can you see me saying all these things? Could you see it in a video? Would you see it if I made one? I would really appreciate the feedback. Not only on the video idea, but also on the whole blog, topics, times of posting,... Pretty much everything.
P.S. I just realized I haven't told you anything about the furniture I bought and I promised I would. Also, the Gossip girl posts are still in progress (GG review label on the right).
And that would be all for now. We'll talk later. Other time.

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