26 May, 2015

Today: 26.5.2015.

Doing: went to college, going to concert later
Mood: tired and rested at the same time. weird.
Favorite person: friends (Tess)
Thinking about: a boy... ^^
Missing: free time, my mom
Loving: this Oreo chocolate I'm eating
Hating: the fact that everything is expensive and salaries are low
New discovery: A Man Who Saved the World - Stanislav Petrov (movie here on wiki and imdb)
Listening to: like everybody else these days, Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (winner of Eurovision 2015) - he was one of my favorites (along Serbia, Israel, Germany, Montenegro and The Netherlands) but he was a bit higher on that list so I'm really happy that he won (great performance!!)

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