22 March, 2015

Today: 22.3.2015.

Hello :) I thought it's not fair to let you wait on my posts and I can't write every single day like I used to. So I'll post "Today" posts on random dates. These posts will have my whole day in just few lines. You'll be able to find them all by the label "today" (labels on the right, scroll down). Here's the first one.
Doing: studying, singing all day, manicure, cleaning my room (finally)
Mood: happy, relaxed, satisfied
Favorite person: my brother
Thinking about: upcoming exams, dreams, money, shopping for decorating my room
Missing: some humans (I'm home alone)
Loving: beautiful day, my new hair oil, free time, manicure time
Hating: cold wind every now and then, weird neighbors, studying
New discovery: Plastimake

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