06 March, 2015

Dancing Man

Hello :)
I don't know if you heard or not but there's this story about Dancing Man. Who is he? Well, he's a big guy. Great big guy. And he was dancing. Why did I mention he is big? Because it's pretty important for the story. In short, there was some concert/event (whatever actually) and there was this man, now known as Dancing Man, who was dancing like nobody was watching. He was probably having a great time and some idiots filmed him and took pictures. After he realized he was being laughed at, he stopped dancing and had this awful look on his face. I just saw this article and pictures and I have to admit I shared few tears when I saw the picture after. Nobody should look like that. They laughed at him because he's a large person. I get it that we all notice when someone is fatter than usual or extremely skinny. And, let's say, that's normal. But making someone feel ashamed... That's just wrong and totally rude. I don't know if those guys are proud of themselves or what, but I think they should stay in the house for the rest of this year. I seriously can't get over this. It's so horrible to see what people do to people over some stupid things.
There's no chance that this will ever get to the Dancing Man but I'd like to say that he should be able to always be himself and he should party and dance every day like there's no next one. Have a great life.
The second picture ruined my day (whole year, thanks as*holes) but there is a good ending to this. The good news is, this group of women stood up for him and made a dance party. Everything is in the link:

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