27 September, 2020

Lack of respect in the young generations

OK, it's definitely time for a little rant. I haven't had those in quite a while and this is something that is currently bothering me so let's hop into it.

Without getting into too much detail, we're choosing our new colleagues and there are 10 candidates, all around 20 years old. And look at me, being a tough boss to please while being only 5 years older than them. Also, to be honest, I'm just a consultant, there are much more important people choosing the people who are going to work with us for the next few years. (Oh, have I mentioned it's only a student job?)

He dares to test people...

Anyways. There's this one guy who just didn't sit well with me from the first time I saw him. I tried to be opened minded because I didn't know any of them and all deserved a chance. But this kid. Yes, I'm calling him a kid. He is now there for about 10 days and is treating people... Well, wrong. He dares to test people that have been working there for 15+ years on their knowledge, makes all the inappropriate jokes and comments and also treats his instructors/mentors/boss like his buddies.

To be clear, these are very approachable, nice people and I absolutely love working with them. However, it took me about a year to be fully comfortable with them meaning I now can speak my mind freely and I know they value my opinion. They are also the kind of people that will treat you friendly so I guess the kids may be confused, but I think they should have some sense of what is appropriate and what is not. Even though I could call these people my friends (take that lightly), I still know my boundaries and I'm aware I can not say whatever I want whenever I want. You may be as close to your boss as it gets, you may joke around and talk about a number of topics, but you still can't call him/her stupid. You know?

And, in this profession, you, without any previous knowledge, can not question their ability to do a good job. That's a hard no in my profession. They all will accept your ideas, but don't ever say you would do a better job than them. Cause the truth is, you wouldn't. That's just a fact.

...he made an inappropriate comment about his ex-wife...

Now, not only did he test one of his instructors, he made an inappropriate comment about his ex-wife and current wife, he also asked the other instructor does he not have a life cause he's always there... It's called an afternoon shift, kid. It's his job to be there and teach you, you little a**hole.

And, of course, we need to have a female representative here so it would all be fair... Jokes aside, there's a girl too that is actually quite rude. She, again, with no experience and very little knowledge, said, and I quote, "I have time if you want to fight me on this". No. No. No. You don't say "fight me" to a mentor who has experience you can only dream about.

They just need to be slapped...

I don't know, seeing them just pissed me off in a way I did not expect. I can't imagine kids are growing up with no sense of reality, hierarchy or just pure respect. I'm glad the mentors realized this, but, unfortunately, they won't let them go because they actually do a good job when they're working. They just need to be slapped few times to get that attitude out of them.

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