31 May, 2020

3 songs that remind me of different people

If songs aren't here to start up some emotions, what are they for, right? I listen to music about 70% of the time in the day. The radio is always on, I'm watching it on TV or just playing it on YouTube. Wherever I go, music is with me.
And I connect different music to different feelings, places, memories... Of course. And so I have these 3 songs that immediately put me in a specific spot and with specific people. Here are their stories.

I remember when I first heard this song. I was in fourth grade of elementary school and my friend got a mobile phone that could play MP3 music (or maybe .avi or something, but he was the only one then that had actual songs on the phone). He was showing off, of course, and played it and I immediately fell in love with it. We were all asking him to play it for us all the time. When the rest of us got better phones, with infrared or bluetooth, we had to have it too. This was about 17 years ago and I still think of him whenever I hear the song.

Now, I don't remember when I first heard this song, but I remember why I think of one specific guy. Also in elementary school, I had a crush on this one "cool kid". Since I was always a good student and he was average to bad in some subjects, the teacher decided to put us together. We were sitting together for almost a whole school year. His grades improved (mostly cause he was cheating and I would help him), but then we also stopped sitting together and around that time I heard this song and I understood the lyrics. The first part was really applied to our relationship. The more we sat together, the closer we got and I actually thought of him as my friend (I think I dropped the 'crush' part somewhere during that time). After separating, we went back to just being colleagues and we never connected again.

OK, we're moving to high school and me going out clubbing. One time I found myself in a company that wasn't really my group of people (my friend ditched me for some guy so I was left with other people from my class that we randomly saw that night). Anyhow, there were 2 girls and a guy from my class and also his childhood friend. I remember this song playing all the time and I also remember my friends singing it randomly in the classes cause it was so popular back then. Long story short, few days later the other guy asked a girl from my class on a date. Eight years later, they're still together, loving each other. Even though I wasn't close with them, this song always puts them on my mind.

Name one song that reminds you of someone and share a story!

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