29 April, 2018

High school vs. uni/college

Hey. I just saw a picture on Sarcasm Facebook page and it gave me an idea to write this post.
This is it.
Now that I experienced both sides, I can make some comparisons. I have no idea how this is going to turn out... Going into college was just like another school I had to go to, but my feelings, habits and expectations changed a lot since I started it. Also, I need to emphasize that I don't have your "typical college" experience. I need to be there for every single class, we have mid-terms 2 per semester and, of course, finals and oral exams afterwards. We also had classes usually from 8 a.m. till at least 4 p.m., sometimes full 12 hours until 8 p.m. Yeah, fun times.
Note: If you need me to clarify anything or give you more more information, let me know in the comments.
  • friends
When you're in high school you think these people are the best you'll ever meet. You are together all day every day, you just start going out, clubbing and everything's great. However, college comes and people go their separate ways. You'll find your group again, large or small, and these are the people you're most likely going to stay friends with forever. The difference here is that in college you're older, you know what you want, what career you want and that connects you more with other people. I still have my best friends from high school so it's not like you need to break all connections, I'm just saying you'll probably click with college people more.
  • studying
This basically depends on how you usually study. I like to study during night; staying up till 5 a.m. is usually not a problem if I'm studying. I function like that, some people don't. Also, will you study continuously or all in one night is also on you. The main difference is that in high school you get few chances to improve yourself, to fix your grades. In college you don't - you either pass or fail and "see you in a few months".
  • partying
I don't know how it goes now, but I started going clubbing when I was a junior (so 3rd grade of high school) or being around 16 years old. It wasn't real clubbing as we went out around 7 p.m. and came back between midnight and 1 a.m. I thought I was going to have a full college party experience, but with the college I'm going to, that's not the case. I do feel like I'm missing out, but that's also on me too. My point here, you'll be able to party if you're very good at organizing your time.
  • responsibilities
In high school you're, what, 14 to 18 years old. There's not much you can do underage and there's not much you actually need to do. You're also most probably living with your parents so they'll take care of you. In college, you're probably living somewhere on your own, having to take care of your apartment/dorm room, having to buy yourself food, pay for the bills, taking care of paperwork... I was lucky enough to be able to live with my parents through all of this, but responsibilities are still higher.
  • sleep
Yeah, it was time I addressed this photo. This photo is 100% true. For me it was more like 10 hours of lecture, but you get it. I think this is the mix of being older, having so much to do, having less and less sleep and a 1000 more factors. Also, for me, having 6 hours straight of one subject is just painful. I think college is much more mentally draining than high school.

How was/is your high school/uni experience?

See you next Sunday ♥

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