04 March, 2018

Today: 4.3.2018.

Doing: studying (even though I'm done with college) - there are some stuff I need to finish, some I just started, some projects I'm working on... 
Mood: could be better - I'll leave it to that
Favorite person: does my plush teddy bear count?
Thinking about: how I though life would be easier by now
Missing: college actually - I miss seeing my friends daily and also, classes gave me something to do all day...
Loving: free time - which is a total contrast of what I've written above, I know
Hating: that I need to study now and that I get so affected by YouTube comments sometimes
New discovery: Polaroid Zip printer for mobile phones - honestly I love mine so much

How is your day going?

See you next Sunday ♥

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