09 July, 2015

Brief review

Hello you all. :) Missed me? I hope you said "yes" to this one. :)
Since I haven't been posting anything lately, I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief review of everything that's been happening over here. The last "real" post was on June 15th. So, what happened since then?
  • I bought my own furniture. More about that in posts to come.
  • I finished my second year of college. Yaaay me!!
Although you may expected a long list (I kinda did), that's pretty much all because I haven't seen the light of the day in about a month. I've been studying and I can proudly say all my hard work has payed off. As usual, I bought myself a little treat. As a big fan of nail polishes, I bought myself 4 new polished that I'm dying to try on. You'll be able to see my new (and old) creations, as well as reviews, here, Other than that... Do you remember Mr. M. from the beginning of this blog? Well, he told me that I annoy him. That was sure great to hear. There's a story behind that and it's not that interesting so I won't be telling you that, but I do wanna say that that wasn't that rude how it sounds here. Also, a lady in the store told me I was fat. Thank you lady for making me even more uncomfortable in my skin that I already am. In front of my friend. Thank you Mr. T. (also from the beginning of this blog) for changing the subject, pretending you didn't hear that. What to say? Surprisingly, I don't feel bad at all. Not today. Happiness is strongly with me today. Again, yaaay me! Now that summer officially began for me, all I have to do is make plans to meet all of my friends. That's my only concern. I also have to go to work, but that's not a problem.
Now that I read this, it looks like just a bunch of random thoughts but that's the best way to meet me, right? Anyhow, it's my post and I can be weird for a day. :)
Write to you soon :) :*
Feel the happiness !!!!!!!

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