15 June, 2015

Awkward P (part two?)

Hello :)
Every now and then, I like to post something personal so this blog wouldn't lose it's main purpose: me telling you some things I don't really like to talk about. This is one of those posts. There was "The awkward "P"" post and I wrote about how pissed I am when period is an excuse for everything. Now, this is a bit more personal post and I hope it'll help young girls. Read it even if you don't think it's for you. Maybe you'll understand somebody else. So, I'm 20 and a half years old and this is my first month that I actually have normal period. All these years, 6, I think (I can't remember when I first got my period, is that weird?) I've been struggling with it. There was too much blood and too much pain. I took painkillers and it was pretty much OK, but I was concerned about all that blood. Everybody was saying that all women have it different and it's all normal for a young girl like me who is still developing. After I turned 18, I thought things were about to change. They didn't. I know years don't matter here, but I honestly thought that I matured, that my body matured. But no. I don't have to describe to you how awful it is to know that much blood just came out of you. Even though this may seem weird, I didn't feel like a woman. Whole that time, I felt like a little girl, very much concerned and nervous about that time of the month because I knew what I had to go through. Again. And again. And again. I was using up to three packs of menstrual pads, when my mom is using only one. I was weirded out and, I could say, scared. Now, in the year of 2015, I can finally say that this is my second normal month. And since this change came out of the blue, I'm also a bit confused and I'm only waiting for the good old times to come back (you can hear the sarcasm here, right?). As with everything in my body, I can't be sure that this will continue to be normal, maybe it's stress related or something else, but I'm enjoying this. What I'm trying to say is that you wait. I honestly have lost the hope that I'll ever have normal period. But I do now. At least for the last two months. If you're really worried and scared go to your gynecologist and ask him/her everything. It's better to know what can you expect. Anyhow, I hope this helped you.
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Every picture related to this is disturbing. :/

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