24 April, 2015

Fat guy, fat girl

Hello :)
So, I realize that I haven't posted anything in quite a while, and I do hate it but that's why I made "Today" posts. You can find them all by label "today" (that was hard to guess, I know) on the right, below blog list. And now, on to my topic...
I've been thinking about today's society and how it affects on people. Especially young and insecure people. Is it easier to be a fat guy or girl? That's actually quite often on my mind these days... I think girls have it harder, or, at least, we like to present that we have it harder. There are some expectations from young girl, how she should look. In addition, most of girls want a boyfriend and that puts on even more pressure. And the truth is, we girls put even more pressure on ourselves for God knows what reason. And that's why "we have it harder". The truth is that society kinda defines what we should be like because everything just a bit different is wrong and weird. Well, it's not. As soon as we realize that, the sooner we'll enjoy life. On the other hand, girls always say guys don't have to worry as much. Actually they do. Because they also have magazines where they see all those models and body builders or someone who puts a pressure on them. I honestly think that they also worry about how they look. And it's not girly or something, it's human nature. There were times when guys picked girls to marry and girls had to look and be the best to be chosen. Those times are past (in most parts of the world) and spotlight isn't only on girls. While girls always "had to be perfect", guys had it easier before. Now, they also have to represent themselves in the best way. It would be the best if I could just say "stop worrying, you're perfect the way you are, everybody loves you". But that's not the truth. The fact is not everybody is going to like you, you'll always worry about something and there is no perfect person. You can find somebody that will think you are perfect and that's great, but every single human being could improve at least one of their traits. But, in that whole process of worrying remember that you're not alone. I'm writing this from a girl's perspective of course but I want to emphasize that girls (I do at least) realize that boys have some problems of their own and that's O.K. 

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