21 January, 2014

I'm a happy child, today

Hi y'all. :D
Today was a great day. Now, I feel like I was running all day long and, while running, solving some very complex math problems. My point is, I feel really tired, mentally and physically. You would think now that I had a rough day... Actually, I was really good. I had just a few hours of college and they were, more or less, OK. All the songs I listened to while driving through town were OK, some of them even great. That really improved my mood for the day. I had this one moment of depression in college because there's that thing that bothers me (I'll probably write about that in my next post), but I didn't let that ruin my day. I was determined to stay happy as long I can. To remain happy, I'm writing this post. Writing about positive stuff makes me happier, like everybody else in fact. When I think about my life now, I'm happy. I have almost everything I want. What's more there to ask for? Ask me in about 10 minutes after I finish this blog post and my mood may be entirely different. But, to stay on this happy note, only a hundred more tests and my semester is over!! Oh yeah, I got in touch with a friend that I haven't spoke to in a while and that also brought a smile to my face. What happened to you today? Are you smiling? You should be. Smiling reduces the formation of wrinkles and it also keeps you healthier person. That's pretty great. You're happy and, in the same time, you are taking care of your body. If only smiling would make you work out without working out! Oh, wait, it does. If you smile hard, like really laugh out loud, your stomach muscles work out without you even know it. You know that pain you feel while laughing? Your abs are coming!! Smile as much as you can, every day, every minute, every second! Smile and laughter are priceless, on your face or on the face of a person you made smile. So, basically, I'm in a really good mood today and I wanted to share it with you.
Bye till next time :)
Mother Teresa was a smart woman !!!

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