20 January, 2014

Awkward moment

Hi. Who was I kidding yesterday while saying I won't be active? I'll sacrifice my exams for this blog. And for Internet and friends in general. 
So, today something awkward happened. My life is made out of awkward situations. I was coming to college and I saw Mr. in front of it. You can't miss it, one building and everybody smoking in front. So, of course, I was happy when I saw he was standing alone. This was my chance to talk in person. But, I was with my friend and she's a bit socially awkward. At least, I see her like that. And we started talking but she was creating some weird atmosphere around us. Suddenly she asked: "Are you coming or what?" I looked at her and she was obviously waiting for me. What the hell? It doesn't matter if I'm talking to him or any other person... If I'm talking, be with us or leave. It's not like we were going somewhere, we were standing in front of our classroom. God! Don't people have manners anymore? He's not a stranger to her, she could join the conversation. I don't know if I'm wrong here because I'm blinded by talking to Mr. or is she really the one who should be sorry for making all of us awkward... I'm not really sociable person, so I know really good how pressure to talk to someone can affect you and it's not easy. But in situations like this, I join the conversation if it's about some random topic. If it's personal, I walk away. Simple as that. I don't even know why I'm so pissed about this. It's not that big problem. It just bothered me and I needed to share it with someone. So, thanks for listening... I mean, reading.
Something like that...

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