13 October, 2019

These things were cool when I went to school

I went through my phone and laptop, found some old memories. I also went through my Facebook profile and remembered so many great days, events and situations. It also made me remember all the "cool" stuff we did. Now that I think of it, Facebook could have sponsored this as these are all Facebook related things that were cool when I went to elementary and high school. So about 10 years ago.

Taking a photo of someone and them making it a profile photo. This was such an honor. I know I used to take photos and post them and every caption would be "Profile?" hoping they would pick it for their profile photo. This wasn't a matter of wanting to fit in or wanting people to like me or anything like that. Everybody did it and no matter what group you were in, it was always an honor if your photo got chosen. And, of course, that person had to write "taken by xy" in the caption so everybody would know how great photographer you are.

Facebook banners. I wonder if those would still be cool if Facebook didn't remove that feature. Banners were great because you could put random photos you loved or you could download photos cut in the perfect ratio to fit your banner. It's basically the same thing as today's cover photo, but when it first came out, cropping photos was a real struggle, but so worth it when you saw your profile.

Photo frames. So many photos back then had to have some kind of a frame. Whether we would add those random that some phones had installed or those that Facebook would provide for some big event, frames were a big thing. Also, most photos had some addition. Something like Instagram story when you add hearts or stars on the photos.


Can you remember some that were cool back when you were younger?

See you next Sunday ♥

15 April, 2019

Today: 15.4.2019.

Doing: I went to work as usual, got home and did a total declutter of my closet. I organized everything, folded nicely and threw away many items I no longer wear. Also, I worked out after quite a long time. It was a good day.
Mood: As it's now 11 p.m., I can say I spent my entire day in a really good mood.
Favorite person: I've been around so many people today that I don't know if I can choose just one. We're a team at work. But I'll chose one girl who had birthday so she brought cake which is a great bonus.
Thinking about: Nothing in particular. As my day was good, there are not any thoughts going through my mind; it usually happens when I'm stressed out. However, I'm thinking about buying some stuff...
Missing: OMG, nothing actually.
Loving: My job. My friends there. Easter coming. Spring coming. Good times are ahead of us.
Hating: Not having more free time? But that's not really a hate now... This situation is only temporary and it'll all be good soon. I'm currently hating that my laptop won't play any music, not YouTube not even music I have on it... I don't know what's going on.
New discovery: I can mount my phone on the orbitrek and I actually watched YouTube videos while working out which made it so much easier for me!
Listening to: Well, nothing as I have problems with my laptop, but I listened to Lady Gaga - Angel Down today...

How was your day?

07 April, 2019

My thoughts on "Where Hands Touch" movie

I saw this movie right when it came out and then I watched it again cause I wanted to write this post. So here are random thoughts I got while watching it.
  • insinuating rape will be the punishment sickens me
  • people discriminating her like this also makes me sick, but I understand it given what era it was
  • it's disappointing to imagine a better life in Berlin, but then ending up in the same shit
  • Gunther is a sweety
  • her working should have been a way out
  • I like how young Lutz wants to help his country
  • she is clueless; how is her mom more aware of her being black than she is?
  • just sign the damn papers
  • Lutz is also very polite young guy
  • that Gunther scene twisted my stomach
  • their mom is teaching them good; Jews are also humans, black people too
  • Lutz being proud of himself and his father putting him down is not OK
  • the woods scene is cute; he is sweet and supportive
  • everybody is so confused there are black people in the world
  • Lutz really wants to go to war
  • OK, you are German, but you're still different and you can't be so blind
  • OMG the hands touching scene and the kiss was so emotional
  • her mom is so sweet for waiting; she is so worried
  • her brother being transformed into Nazi and hating his sister is the worst
  • I wanted to kill the man who burned her papers of being German
  • his father is obviously smart about this war; just get through it however you can
  • them being so nervous together in his house is so cute and obviously a sign of spending the night together
  • so he hates Jews, but still think they should just move away or be useful working for the country and not be killed - that's good, right?
  • I don't know what to think about him lying about being a virgin
  • she is so in love with him
  • he is so sweet to follow her home and protecting her
  • her mom is so strong, I really felt that when they took her
  • their aunt and uncle didn't want to take them, but they took her little brother in because he is white - great parenting...
  • I will forever be confused how women could be such bitches to other women
  • this ashes scene was heart breaking
  • him being in the same camp was expected
  • and her being pregnant was also expected
  • it's a good thing he can now protect her, but also has to play tough
  • he is so ashamed to be there, but also just wants to survive this war
  • even though he is aware of everything, he is so happy to be a father
  • him threatening that girl is so weird, but also necessary
  • oh now she realizes she is black? OK, but is still stupid about it
  • I feel so bad for him actually
  • his father is also a good guy, knowing basically everything and still keeping quiet for his son's sake
  • seriously, you two have come so far to act this stupid. Couldn't you two just meet quietly? It's a mess there and probably nobody would notice. Or he could have asked for her to be his servant or a whore or something just to get her. His father could have asked as he had a higher rank.
  • and OMG the ending is so great I cried

All in all, I loved the movie. It's typical romance-war-forbidden love type, but I love those. With all happening in the movie, I can't help but think why did her mother give birth to her? She seems like a smart woman, she knew this would be happening and she should have known better that they all would be in a lot of trouble! Also, I love how fearless Leyna is, but she is also quite stupid in her actions. You have to realize you're different. It sucks and it's not fair, but if you know the situation, just keep quiet. Also, second to last thought I had is basically my main issue with this movie. I know I always need a happy ending, but I certainly didn't expect this. I was so surprised who died and how...

Have you watched it? What do you think of the movie?

03 March, 2019

3 things people hate and we need in life

Scrolling through Internet and social media, I see a lot of complaining. I also love how people are either "I absolutely love this and my life and everything is great and we need to be positive about everything!" or "This all sucks and life has no meaning and everything everybody does needs to be judged and buried." I'm somewhere in the middle, I hope with the majority of people, and I think there are two sides to 95% of situations and I can usually see both of them. That's why I made this list of things I know people generally hate, but don't realize we actually need them.

Making people socialize more. OK, there are introverts, shy people, socially awkward. I would say that I'm a bit of these myself. I don't really like meeting new people, I don't think I make good first impressions because I'm awkward and I always overthink everything, especially in conversations with new people. So I definitely see the struggle. However, I also think those people, people like me, need to be pushed to some extent to go out more, to socialize more. Internet is helping a lot with people being able to chat and meet new people without being uncomfortable, but it's also making people less sociable in a way. Most people can't even communicate without their phones and emojis. If you need an example, I shared my story on NYE from hell to the best NYE which I actually experienced few times now and I can't emphasize enough how important was that little push to actually go out.

Unlimited technology. I'm not saying we should ignore it all together and technology is bad... On the contrary, I love technology and how it's making our lives easier by the day, especially in medical purposes and that will never stop to amaze me. However, there are stuff like self-tying shoe laces that made me think how stupid is technology making us. I get it we'll do everything to save time, but I actually know some teenagers who can't tie their shoes. They always got these shoes (which I don't know how they're called so you got a photo; if you know the name of this closing please comment below) and now they have those self-tying or zip-ties shoes or sock-shoes or whatever and they're just clueless. I also had a friend who was 17 at the time and she didn't know how to read the analog watch. I strongly believe she still doesn't know and she is 24 now. There are some things everybody should know even though we have more modern things now.

Math. As far as I am aware of, math is globally most hated subject in all schools. To be honest, it's my least favorite subject also, just because I really don't understand most of the advanced stuff we had to learn. It's too abstract for me. I hated physics too, but that I can imagine and know what I'm actually doing and calculating. I had math for 8 years in elementary school, 4 years in high school and 2 years in college. I hated the college math, but I'm also glad I had it and now I can say I know just a bit more than "ordinary" people who didn't take that class. It's not like I'll need it in my job, but learning is never a bad thing. However, when people complain about elementary or high school math, it's crazy to me. It's usually just the basics of everything math covers and it's honestly not that hard to learn. But also, I think it's embarrassing when grown people don't have a clue how to multiply on paper. I know we have calculators smarter than all of us and I'm grateful we have them, but you all should know some basics.

Would you add anything to the list? Feel free to continue mine :)

24 February, 2019

Why have I gone missing on the Internet?

First of all, does anybody else write the word "Internet" with the capital letter? I remember my elementary school teacher saying this is the correct way and I've been writing it like this ever since... I'm pretty sure it's not necessary, but it's my habit now. Do you have any things like this that you do and feel like nobody else does?
This all indicated I had no time to rest at all this week.
Wow, this was a random beginning, but hey, I needed to start somewhere, right? So, I don't know whether you follow me anywhere and if you even noticed, but I've gone completely MIA on pretty much every social media platform. I haven't even turned on my laptop in 5 days which is a big thing because I don't usually do Internet stuff on my phone and I watch some TV shows on my laptop too. This all indicated I had no time to rest at all this week.
I've been employed only a week now and my body can't handle it anymore.
And why is this, you ask? Well, times are changing and I'm becoming an adult which is still weird and it feels like it came out of nowhere, even though I'm 24. Jesus, I'm old. The point of this ramble, however, is the fact that I got the job!! This may sound exciting, and I am grateful for it, but I work since 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. It also takes me an hour to get there and then an hour to get back. So I'm awake from 6 a.m. till about 11 p.m. and I die. I've been employed for only a week now and my body can't handle it anymore. It feels like I've been working for 10 years...
...because we're not that rich and I didn't know if I could ever pay them back...
To start at the beginning, I'm pretty lucky to be able to find a job so soon after graduation and ending my student job. I've been at home, jobless, for only a month and a half. Now, I do feel bad for immediately falling into this working routine because I wanted to explore some places, go somewhere, enjoy just lazy days walking around, shopping, doing some arts and crafts projects and so on, but I soon realized I had no money for traveling which was definitely on the top of my list. I also couldn't ask my parents for money because we're not that rich and I didn't know if I could ever pay them back...
...but this is literally the second best thing that could happen...
Also, this crazy shift time should end in about 2 or 3 weeks so I just need to endure that (help) and then I'll have normal 8-hour shift each day. The good thing is I absolutely love my new job. It's not the one I originally wanted and I'll still try out for my dream job if I ever get the opportunity, but this is literally the second best thing that could happen career wise. I love the job, the atmosphere, people... I love it all! And I know how lucky I am to be able to say that...
...I expect some drama here...
I'm not really on board with those "just imagine it, put your thoughts out there and it'll happen" things so I'm not gonna even try to say it. I would say this is just my luck. I happened to play my cards well at the right time and that's all there is to it. Also, since I work with a lot of people, I expect some drama here and there so you'll probably read more of my office stories here. We'll see how this will go. I'll also really try to get back to posting on Sundays because I actually really love writing for this blog. I'll just have to manage my weekend time better which, I guess, is really the adult life. Welcome me.


Tell me, do you work? Are you still in school or looking for a job? Share some advice on getting a job, first days at work, etc.