08 July, 2018

Movie review: Heathers


Info:  Heathers is a 1988 American black comedy film. It was written by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael Lehmann. Main stars are Winona Ryder as Veronica, Christian Slater as J.D., and Shannen Doherty as Heather, Lisanne Falk as Heather, Kim Walker as Heather. The movie has also been adapted into a musical. Movie lasts for 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Note: Plot has all spoilers, impression some and recommendation none.


Plot: Movie follows high-school group consisting of 4 girls; 3 of which are named Heather and one Veronica who is new in the group. Soon enough, Veronica realizes that all Heathers are mean after they forge a jock's handwriting playing a joke on a overweight girl telling her he likes her. After she is publicly humiliated, Veronica starts her journal saying she wants the leader Heather dead. Then we meet the new student, J.D. who pulls out a gun on two guys trying to scare him and bully him. After that, Veronica is pretty fascinated by him. Hers and Heather's 1 relationship is still weak, but Veronica decides to go to a frat party with her. At the party, she refuses to sleep with the college guy and Heather 1 vows to publicly shame her at the school. The next morning, Veronica and J.D. met and went to Heather's 1 house when J.D. offered her a hungover cure, but it was drain cleaner. Heather died and Veronica wrote a note making it a suicide. Heather 2 took over the group. Two jocks spread a rumor about Veronica which gave her a good idea to pull a prank on them. She was meaning to scare them with guns loaded with fake bullets. However, J.D. replaced those with real ones and both of the guys were killed. Again, Veronica and J.D. covered it up by writing a suicide letter making them a couple that couldn't bare not being in the open with their relationship. The overweight girl from the beginning tries to kills herself by throwing herself in front of the car. However, she is just badly injured and ends up in a wheelchair. Heather 3 then calls a radio station complaining about her life what Heather 2 and Veronica hear and the following day Heather 2 tells her story to the whole school. Heather 3 then attempts suicide during the class, but was stopped by Veronica. Veronica then realized what her life is becoming and tells J.D. she's not doing murders anymore. She also fakes her death by fake-hanging herself in her room because she expected J.D. to come and kill her as he did. He also told her, while he thought she was dead, that he was going to blow up the school. The next day Veronica finds him with bombs and shoots him. The bombs are stopped, but J.D. survives and eventually blows himself up in front of the school.


My impression: Starting with the movie being a black comedy. I just thought it was black. There's a lot of dead people and covering up murders, but no comedy at all. I didn't know anything about the movie so I thought the relationship was a cute part, but then it all took the wrong turn. Them killing people and not realizing how serious it is was more annoying than funny. There's also not a lot of plot there.


Recommendation: I would definitely not recommend this movie! I know it has pretty high grades on all the sites, but I almost died of boredom. I found the plot very weird and not making any sense. I didn't find it funny at all even though it's supposed to be a comedy. The only good thing about this movie are the actors (young Christian Slater) and they did a good job, but the movie is still terrible to me. There's also a musical and some series. Also, they say it's a base for Mean Girls.

Read some of my earlier movie reviews to see if we have some similar taste in movies.

Have you watched it? What do you think of it?

See you next Sunday ♥

01 July, 2018

My body image journey - body shaming (part 1)

I have a feeling I've been writing some really personal posts here lately. I do love it, but I'm also scared that I won't find the right words to describe it all how I want to. This is one of those posts.
Although this is much longer and deeper story for me, I'll give you short introduction because I want to write my current state. So, this is a part one of the weight theme.
I've always been a chubby kid which actually made me very cute. As a kid. Then I started growing up and I was that chubby friend. In the first 4 grades of elementary school, I didn't even think about this as much. I saw I was bigger than the rest of girls, but I couldn't be bothered on daily basis. But then 5th grade came (which is a big deal in my school) and we were all around 11 or 12 years old and I noticed that most of my friends were hitting puberty and their bodies were shaping really nicely. I was also in my puberty then, but my body didn't shape at all. I just grew bigger and I was basically a blob of bones, fat and skin. Now this seems like I was a round bouncing ball which is not true, but I was fatter than anyone else in my class. I've also seen much bigger girls in my school which I still have mixed feelings about. At one hand, I was relieved that there's someone bigger than me and they went through school and life just fine, but on the other, I knew even then, with my 12 years, that my weight is keeping my personality down and I wouldn't make it as those girls did.

To add to my insecurities, my best friends were tiny and skinny and fit. Fast forward 2 years and we're in 7th grade, with our 14 years. My best friend has now changed to the point we didn't hang out anymore. So, she became the center of attention (she was a hot emo at the time; using the word 'hot' very lightly cause we're still 14 at the time) and I just lost my best friend and still remained the same chubby, not to say fat, friend. I remember my other friend came to my home and she saw my training bra drying on the radiator and she sad "OMG it's so big". Cause I was big. Like 4 sizes bigger than her. And I was so embarrassed, I told her my mom stretches clothes after washing (which she does a bit, not to the extremes). And OMG, I'm now going back few years to whatever age when my other best friend at the time said I "could take down" the older guy cause I'm "bigger and fatter anyway". We were playing with my brother's friends and I guess the game was to take someone down; the last team standing was the winner probably. And I got the new older and bigger guy cause I was fat and I could "just run and jump on him". I mean you know this hit me hard when I can still quote them.

Part 2 is coming next week. Do you have any stories to share on the topic?

See you next Sunday ♥

24 June, 2018

Where I am vs. where I thought I would be by now

I usually see these posts on New Year, birthdays or some other big dates during the year. For me, there's not anything special happening now, but I had some more time lately and I mostly spent it thinking about my life and future. And, as it usually goes, I went to the dark side. I thought about all the bad things I did to ruin my plans. Or should I say, stuff I didn't do to accomplish them. But let's start from the beginning.
I'll tell you my plans in short. I'm 23 now. By this age, I always thought I would be done with uni/college, with a large group of friends that would have a usual meet-up place like they do have in the movies. I also thought I would be engaged by now, with a job and maybe my own apartment. It's safe to say I had big plans for such a young girl.
Now, I also need to tell you how the living looks like here so you would get the complete picture. I mentioned it before, but in short, kids here live with their parents until being about 26 to 30 years old. That's maybe so weird and stupid to you, but it's normal here. Young people struggle with getting a job until about being 25 years old and the incomes are really low so this makes sense. Most young people also go to uni/college and are focused on that, so everything else comes in second. Not to go any further into this, just trust me.
Are you ready to hear where I am now? Here it goes... I haven't finished college yet (although I'm really close to finishing it), I'm also not engaged. I'm the complete opposite here. I'm single without ever having a boyfriend. I also don't have a large group of friends. I have few here and few there, but they are not connected and I have a feeling I'm losing more and more friends as the time passes. I don't have a job and I'm still living with my parents. Am I depressing yet?
Of course, I had more plans, and I still do, but these are some really important to me. Even though these plans were made when I was a lot younger, I still want to accomplish them all as soon as I can. And I probably could have accomplished some if I wasn't so socially awkward and sometimes lazy when it comes to uni. I don't know why I always focus on the bad stuff, but my mind naturally goes there. I usually snap out of it pretty fast and I'm not losing my mind over these, but I still hope all these plans and wishes will come true soon.
This year, a lot will change for me so I'll try to focus on accomplishing more of these. Of course, for engagement I should probably find my better half first. Haha. Although I started off on a sad note, I want to finish this with positive thoughts. I want to remind you all, and myself, that even though I haven't accomplished my goals by now, I'm OK. I'm living my life, I'm quite happy with it and I have hope for the even better future. Nothing is lost, I will survive and live my life as a normal person.
Not accomplishing plans as you imagined can be hard, but we need to let the life lead us. I would also want to take more control of what happens, but that's the part of the charm. Not knowing where the life will lead you. Or I just say that to myself not to feel bad. Either way, I'm OK. You'll be too.

What are your big plans you thought you would have accomplished by now?

See you next Sunday ♥

03 June, 2018

Storytime: A teacher was wrong & yelled at me

It's been a while since I wrote a 'Storytime' post, but let's just start this one. Sometime in my elementary school we had a substitute professor who was teaching geography and he had some big shoes to fill in as the professor that was absent was pretty loved. He was Michael, young and new in this business. So he came all friendly, a bit confused and all over the place, but very nice. He also told us we could call him only by his first name which was a huge difference to all other teachers and professors. And we were about 12 years old at the time. It was kinda weird so we kept calling him 'professor' whenever we needed him. Although I kinda missed the old one, I really liked Michael. And I think he liked me. Not only me, but I always did my homework, I did good in his class so he liked that.
One time we were given pair assignments and my friend's any mine was to write a paper on Cyprus and present it to the class. This was going on for few weeks before we had to do it. We've already listened to about half the class and we saw how everybody was doing it. We all had posters and papers in front of us to read all the stats and information we're supposed to present. Nobody was good at presenting in 6th grade.
So our turn came and my friend didn't show up to school that day (I forgot the reason why) so I asked my other friend if she could just read those parts off a paper. She said she could so we came up front and started. As soon as I started reading, Michael stopped me and started yelling. He said we couldn't read anything. We should have learned it. I first had to defend my friend and explain to him why she knew nothing about that and why was she even there. Once that was cleared, I still had to defend myself. The whole class was confused because it was not how Michael usually reacted and, also, everybody else was also reading everything off papers. After few minutes that felt like ages, Michael told me to sit down and I never finished my presentation.
I acted all strong and just pissed off, but when I got home I started crying my eyes out. He yelled at me in front of everybody for something that wasn't my 'fault'. I told my parents what has happened, they went to school the other day and talked to my class professor and Michael. The next geography class, Michael invited me to stay a bit after class. Of course, my whole class stayed because we were noisy little creatures. He invited me closer to his desk and apologized saying "he shouldn't have reacted that way". I just said "OK, thank you".
I still have no idea what happened that day, but me and Michael were pretty good afterwards and I also called him by his first name few times in later grades. He then left our school after about 2 years. I've seen him few more times afterwards, just passing by.
What's your worst teacher/professor experience?

13 May, 2018

Thoughts I had while watching Fifty Shades Freed

I don't know why I wanted to watch the third part when you all know how I feel about the first two. If you don't know, you can find out in my post Movie review: Fifty shades of grey + Fifty shades darker. However, the last part ended with a proposal, and I'm a hopeless romantic, so I had to see how this will go. Instead of writing a full review, I'll write down my thoughts I had while watching the movie. There will be a short review and my impressions at the end.
Note: Of course, there are spoilers here.
  1. First scenes are a montage of how happy they are and it's too long and it annoyed me. Or maybe the song annoyed me.
  2. Christian is jealous as usual.
  3. He's still into this SM stuff while she's not so sure she likes it.
  4. Anna is super polite to the staff and wants to be a "normal" person.
  5. Sawyer the personal bodyguard is cute and he's probably my favorite character here.
  6. Christian is possessive to the extremes.
  7. Nice car, Christian!
  8. No one could stay this calm during reckless driving like this and it's definitely not sexy. Ending a dangerous car chase with sex is normal, of course.
  9. Was Sawyer still on the speaker during their car sex?
  10. Kissing close-up was too close.
  11. The way she speaks to Christian is too annoying. Like she's either talking to a child or she's scared.
  12. I get it it's their thing, but him punishing her sexually for anything is getting old.
  13. Hanna and Sawyer - yes, please! But nothing happens here because this is only a 2-people movie.
  14. Here's finally the song! Almost 50 mins into the movie and I can hear Liam and Rita - For You.
  15. First really cute thing Christian did was bringing her friends on a vacation with her.
  16. Christian sings and plays piano? OK, now I like him just a tiny bit more.
  17. Of course there's a fight in a club cause someone hits on Anastasia while Christian is there.
  18. He is pissed off that she is pregnant cause she missed her shots, but hey, there are condoms guy!
  19. God, I wouldn't want to stay with him after he said he doesn't want the kid cause she'll choose the kid over him. Of course she will. WTF?
  20. "We leave for work in 20 mins." and yet you just went to wash your hair? I don't think so.
  21. Her giving him a reality check about the baby is really needed here. You go girl!
  22. Of course he's tracking her phone. And it comes in really handy when she gets kidnapped...
  23. Telling the paramedics to be careful with the victim is not really necessary, especially when they're already rolling her bed in a hospital hallway.
  24. So she needs to almost die for him to realize he wants this baby. And of course he cries for the first time in his life now because we need to see he's a changed man.
  25. Oh there's the song, Ellie - Love Me Like You Do, while we're watching a cute montage of their story which, of course, ends with a weird sex SM scene. You just had to ruin this for me, right?
This is Sawyer.
I think 25 is an OK number for this. I actually wonder how you reacted to some of these... Anyway, I'm supposed to give my short impressions of this.

My impressions: Considering the first two, this is a masterpiece. No, but really now...I actually kinda liked this movie. Maybe because I'm, as I said before, a hopeless romantic and I love seeing these character changes, but it's not as bad as the first two. If Christian wasn't so possessive and creepy, and if Anastasia wasn't so scared and weird all the time, this would be an usual rom-com. If you skip the sex scenes, it can still be one, just a bit annoying one. I like the songs I linked, so that's a plus. You can see their love here, but it's so messed up.

What are your thoughts? Any specific thoughts on specific scenes?

See you next Sunday ♥