12 February, 2014

Did I mention they were vampires?

Hello :) Although I started my day in a hospital, it's a great day out there :)
I know vampires are so so popular these days, so it would only be fair of me to write something about them too. I'm sure most of you watched "Twilight" (and all the other parts I've seen but have no idea what their names are). Now, there's a nice love story but I personally don't like it as much as I expected. Honestly, Bella irritates me. I don't like her character at all. Her face expressions are the most annoying thing to me. Furthermore, she chooses Edvard over Jacob (big mistake!), she flirts with both of them, plays games... And the end of it all... Really? Jacob was first in love with Bella, and then he falls for her daughter? That's too creepy for me (the whole end in general)... However, I started watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD). I know I'm late with that, but I had no intention to watch it, but then I was bored, and one thing led to another... I downloaded it and now I can't stop watching. I was on team Damon from the first scene, but that's not that important. What is important is that's a great show. I love it how there's always something new in every episode, so it doesn't get boring. But, there's this thing when everyone in the show turns out to be something, just not human. That's kinda too much. (I loved Caroline and Matt.) I'm personally a big fan of cheesy romantic moments, so I'm melting on those Delena scenes (that's Elena and Damon for you who don't watch it). However, there is this awful thing that will happen. Elena is now dating Stefan (Damon's brother) and later on she'll date Damon. I wonder what will happen that she'll change her mind... I love Delena more than Stelena (Stefan and Elena), but how can you date both brothers? That's not right from Damon either, but he's like that from the beginning. It's kinda the point that he seems all heartless and like he doesn't care about anyone, when, in fact, he changes and starts to care. (I love, love, love those characters.) I could now write down my favorite parts so far, but that would be too long. So, I'll leave you with this. You can tell me your opinion on this "vampire stories". I'm also asking you not to tell me what happens later on, I wanna be surprised. (I'm on the beginning of the second season.)
Oh, yeah, one more thing. If you watch it, pay good attention to Damon's eyes. They're beautiful!!! And look at his face. His expressions are priceless. I just love it!
Delena forever!!!

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