11 December, 2015

Christmas present ideas

I've written about this the other day but I was limited to only what I would like to get. Now I'm going to make a list of ideas for every person. If you're struggling with ideas, here are some and I hope this will be helpful. Here we go.
  • jewelry
This is mostly a present for women but guys like it too. Necklaces, bracelets, rings,... Fake or real. Anything goes. If you engrave something, that's only going to be a big plus. Get sentimental and creative. Also, you can buy that bracelet with rings for different pendants.
  • watches
I know these are usually expensive but there are nice looking cheap watches too (especially if you're looking on the Internet - eBay, Amazon, etc.) Also, not all watches have to be some world wide known brand. And this is especially good gift if you're buying it for a male person.
  • winter clothes
Of course you're not gonna buy T-shirt for this weather (or would you?) so a nice sweater is what everybody needs. Coats and jackets are a bit more expensive but if you're buying it with someone or you just have the money, go for it.
  • winter accessories
There's not a person who is not cold at one point. So scarves, gloves and hats can come in handy. These can also come in a set so you don't have to think if you're matching it right.
  • men accessories
Every man needs belts and ties. Go though their closet and see what kind of pants they have to pick out the belt to go with them all. Also, looking at their suit and shirts should be helpful with picking a tie. If you can't look at their closet, just go with the safest choice - black and simple.
  • lighters
It may seem stupid but if the person is a smoker (or just likes to collect lighters) this is a perfect gift (assuming you'll find a nice one). And maybe you can engrave some special message. Also, try finding the one which can be recharged so it will never be thrown away.
  • puzzles and toys
Great for young people and the ones who feel young. Try to find some motive that represents that person - aircraft, nature, cartoons, some city,... There's an endless list. If you're extra creative, create a photo by yourself and give it to be turned into puzzles (some shops for developing pictures and copying have that). Toys are great if you have an inside joke about something or you just know a person will love it.
  • figurines
Most of people have some free space in the living room and that would be a perfect place for some little statue (the same as puzzles - endless list).
  • office supplies
This is a bit weird present but if you know a person loves papers or works in an office, they can never have enough of those.
  • linen
Maybe that's just me but I really like having matching pillow case and blanket or quilt. Also, there are linen with prints so you can, once again, find something for everyone.
  • sport equipment
If a person is sporty you can't go wrong with sport clothes and accessories (like mat or water bottle) or even with some vitamins and muscle builders (but make sure you know what you're buying there).
  • bags
A girl can't have to many bags so go for it. And guys need their briefcases or backpacks.
  • books
Be careful with this one as the person may like the specific genre or they already have that book. But, in general, this is a good gift if a person is a reader. If you're not sure, don't buy them books.
  • CDs
I know CDs are almost not in use anymore, but if you know somebody's favorite singer/band this should be a good gift. Records are also a great gift as they have that vintage vibe in them. The bad side of it is the person will most likely never hear the songs, but it will look great on the wall.
  • beauty products
A present for both men and women. Shower gels, creams, nail polishes, hair products, perfumes,... All of these are basically essentials and everybody needs it. This is one of those safe choices.
  • DIYs
This should be the most perfect gift as the person will see you know them really well and you put your time and effort into this present. This includes: prints on T-shirts, handmade bookmarks and posters, jewelry, puzzles mentioned above, decorations,...
  • tickets
Tickets are great gifts! If there's some singer/show coming into town and you know somebody is dying to see them, the solution is really simple - get them tickets. Tickets are usually available long time before the show so you shouldn't have a problem getting them. Sport games, concerts, stand-up comedies, movie premieres,... Only make sure to buy two tickets as nobody wants to go alone.

* As I'm in a really good mood and I love buying Christmas presents, if you want me to, I'll find you a perfect present. Write down in the comment section who you are buying it for and something about that person (inside jokes, hobbies,... anything). Also, if you like any ideas from my list you can say so and I'll try to find few items (e.g. you like watches and I'll find you few great and not so expensive watches online or in the stores).
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