30 May, 2014

To wear or not to wear?

I immediately have to apologize for not writing in quite a while. I've had some family dramas and college, and all this took all of my time.
Anyway, I'm here now and I have brand new topic to share it with you. I saw a picture that said something about girls wearing some specific clothing. You know those pictures that are not actually pictures but only text? Yep, it's getting really popular. Never mind that, this particular one caught my eye. And the comments bellow. So, it was about girls wearing normal underwear under leggings (in my country called tights). There was a big fuss about it and both genders were involved. I always say that anyone has the right to say what they think, but guys here are irrelevant. I mean, they can say what they like more but they're not wearing it and they have no idea what it's like to wear girl's underwear (I hope they have no idea), so it's not really their decision. What surprised me were girls who were such bit**es to girls who wear normal underwear under leggings. First of all, what do you care how I wear my underwear? And second... I don't wear leggings because I don't like how I look in them, but that's not important. What is, is that I know how normal drawers are 100% more comfortable than any other underwear. So, a girl shouldn't feel comfortable because somebody will maybe see the outline of the drawers? I think it's better to have a visible outline than the naked butt! And I seriously don't get people commenting that when they see a girl with a visible outline. "Look, she's wearing granny panties!" Thank God she is! It's like some people have never seen underwear. Or they thought pretty girls don't wear it? I don't get it. And it's so great when a guy has boxers a meter higher than his pants! What should I do then? Laugh because he's wearing underwear? And what's up with when a girl is wearing leggings and I can clearly see her naked butt like she isn't wearing anything? I only see thongs. And I personally think that's gross. But that's her choice. And I will respect that as much as I don't like it. But, to conclude, I still think underwear is a must-have every day, in any occasion. And some parts of your body are called private for a reason!
Look at this for a while. I would rather see her black underwear (to the right) than her butt!!!

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