07 May, 2014

Home alone

Hey there :)
Do you live with your parents? Alone? With a roommate? And how's that working for you? I live with my parents. And I'm used to mom doing everything. I'm not saying I don't help out, but she is in charge of the house. And my parents decided to take a little vacation this week... You know, palm trees, cocktails, beautiful beach in Miami... Oh wait, that's my dream. Anyhow, it doesn't matter where they went. It's important to highlight that I'm home alone for the entire week now. And that happens every year for about 5 years now. I know it's not much but every time they're gone I feel very proud of myself. For keeping myself alive for the week. Cooking, cleaning, studying, playing, going out... I have to manage it all and everything's up to me. Even the financial issues. I especially like that part. I'm proud that I don't spend all the money they leave me and that I don't buy random stuff I don't need. I know most of my peers would spend everything their first day and they would starve to death till the end of the week. Trust me, I've seen it. Maybe not starve to death, but there were cases in which some extra sandwiches were needed. And, what's really impressing, I'm keeping my place really clean and neat. And for the bad sides of this situation I have one information. I'm really really scared of the dark. I know I'm 19 and only fools believe that something could actually happen to you in your own locked (!) house but I can't lose that fear. I lock my doors and, as soon as I turn off my lights, I start seeing some shadows, hearing some noises... And I'm 100% sure I'm home alone and there's not a serial killer or some Poweruff girls monster there. But some part of me will always believe that a blanket could actually save me from anything. Cause, you know, a chainsaw can't go through the magical blanket. As I said, I have to manage all aspect of my current life alone and preferably before the deadline, so I have to go study now. Hopefully you'll have better dreams than me these few days. :)
Bye bye
Home alone you say?? :)

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