26 April, 2014

Just checking in

These past few days have been a total rush in my life and, sadly, nothing interesting has happened. I've basically lived for college and exams for this past week and a half. I am really relieved that I can say it's all over for now. I can also say that I found great friends in my college and I can confirm that now. I'm not one of those people who love everyone after the first time I meet them and I had to get to know these people before I could say anything. I only hope this will not back-fire at me. I also figured who is not worthy of my time. I won't start any drama or silent war now, but I also won't expect anything from them now, except maybe some bad things. Today I also found time to reorganize some parts of my room and I'm proud to say that I finally found some place for books. (Joan is proud!) I also had more time than I usually have on Saturdays because I got up 3 or 4 hours earlier than usual. I wrote another part of my little book. You can read it here (A day out). I have so many ideas but I'm thinking more about writing scenarios than books, but since I only know about this site for writing something like this, I'm trying to convert my thoughts more into stories and chapters for books... Oh, you'll get the picture if you read it. I also have to promote a new post on this fashion blog, so feel free to steal some fashion ideas... I hear Denim jackets are popular...Anyhow, Saturday is almost over and, even though I did today everything that makes me happy, being in an empty flat now makes me kinda sad and lonely. Music that's playing isn't helping either... I guess I'll have to pretend that I have some TV show kind of life to make me feel better. In that case, I'll go watch a show now and I will be with you, hopefully, tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for something interesting to happen.
Bye bye :))
A great day

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