23 March, 2014


I know this isn't really a post that will suit my blog, but since it was weekend and I have no life outside my college, I have nothing else to say to you... As I told you million times before, I've trying to change my style. I have some problems with that because I haven't got enough money, but I'm managing it somehow. For quite some time now, I've been obsessing over some accessories cause I know they're the first step to changing your outer appearance. And of course, many colors caught my eye. That's why I started looking for multicolored stuff. That's perfect for me cause I want simple one colored shirts some time and some colorful accessory will fit me perfectly. (I hope my friends Anchy and Fanni (links on the right) will make some posts on this topic since they are more in it than me.) Anyhow, since you know I absolutely love buying on eBay, this items are also from there and I have to say none of it costs more than $4 (I'm talking about jewelry). That makes me very happy and I can't wait to buy them all. Of course, be careful that you don't put too much colorful items on yourself because then you'll just look like a bad Christmas tree. If everything it in one color, choose one of this ideas and spice things up... So, I won't talk too much, just look at the pictures.
P.S. My personal favorite and items I'm actually gonna buy: sandals (!!!!) and necklace below them. I'll think about the rest...
Bye bye
Color, color, color, colorful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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