26 March, 2014

100 happy days

Hello. :)
Have you heard about this new thing that's obviously very popular these days? It's a 100 day challenge of being happy. Of course, that's pretty impossible, so they made it a bit easier. For a 100 days you have to write what made you happy each day. That doesn't mean that you have to be happy all day long (that would be awesome), but you have to see what made you smile that day. The whole point of this "action" is to make people to appreciate more little things and all precious moments. Studies have shown that people who were able to finish this challenge were happier and more satisfied with themselves. Some of them even said that they see life in a whole new perception. 71% of people , however, quit. They "didn't have time". No time to be happy? Seriously? Anyway, I dare you to try. I know that even now I can't promise I'll do that, but I'll try. My biggest flaw will be that I'll forget. This is not something I'm used to doing, so I will most certainly forget and skip some days. But I ask you to at least try to see all the little good things around you. Maybe your life will get a whole another purpose. If anything, this can't do anything bad...If you'll have some days when you'll think that nothing made you happy, just remember that there was Sun in the morning, birds were singing, you heard your favorite song on the radio... All of this can be your reasons to smile. Of course, there's another catch here. You're supposed to take a picture of everything and, of course, post it on-line. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Anywhere. I am almost a 100% sure I won't do that because I'm not a big fan of posting everything on-line. Writing it down will be just fine for me. So, to sum up, find a reason to be happy each day for 100 days and than we'll talk.
Bye :) :)
Can you? I dare you !!!

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