05 July, 2014

There's nothing stopping you...

Hello :)
I haven't informed you that I won't be talking about college for quite some time since I finished my first year and I have three months of freedom. I think I really deserved it and I also think you deserved a break from my college problems. I'm ready to live till the summer ends.
This time I chose a topic that I've thought about quite a lot but my friend reminded me of it the other day. You can see those motivation pictures everywhere. They're all pretty much saying the same thing. "There's nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams and wishes." It would be great to think like that all the time. And you should always chase your dreams because that's the only way to truly be happy. But let's be realistic for a moment here. Of course there's something stopping you. Money, free time, family, society... You name it. Even if it seems like there's nothing, you will always know of some strings that won't let you do exactly what you want. Most of those posters are about traveling, finding a new life for yourself... Well, we would all like to travel and see the world. Unfortunately, few of us ever get the chance. Again unfortunately, I'm not one of them. And I kinda made peace. But don't tell me it's easy to pack your bags whenever you want and just go somewhere. Money, people? Also, there's nothing stopping you from finding your true love. Um, yes there is. First of all, I don't have all the time in the world that I can spend wondering around my town looking for my soul mate. Second... I've been talking to my friend just now about this particular topic. I admitted that I ask myself "What's wrong with me?" too often. Why? Because I personally think that I would be a good girlfriend. Of course, that's so subjective so I'm not really a good person to talk about this. But, people always say appearance is not important. I agree. But we have to be honest here. Appearance is the first thing you see on someone. Either it attracts you or not. I know I don't really go under the "perfect standards" of a girl but I wouldn't say I'm that ugly. Hell, uglier people found somebody. (Not trying to offend anyone. I really hope you'll get this the right way.) So it must be my (any my friend's) personality. I'm sure of it. But I have friends. Great ones. And they seem to like me. Why can't a guy see that? I'm just wondering... Anyhow, I got of of my topic. To conclude, very few people get to live their dreams. There's always something in the way. Even when you're not making stuff up just so you wouldn't have to deal with reality.
Yeah, so you say...

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