13 July, 2014

Summer plan: No. 3

Hello :)
I'm sorry I haven't written in few days although I have all the time in the world. I wasn't home and my grandparents don't have Internet. So, previous post was my list what to do this summer. Even though a week and a half passed, I only did one thing. I went, as I said, to my grandparent's to the countryside. Unfortunately, I can't say I had much fun because it was raining for four days. Whole four days that I was there. The fifth day was a bit better but only in the morning and early afternoon. I'm not trying to make this a weather report but I thought you should know. In these few days I was away, my grandparents annoyed me a 100 times but, as I wrote in a text to my friend, my love is stronger than that. It's funny how we put up with a lot with friends and family. For most of these stuff we would break up a new friendship or we would simply say that a person is not worth hanging out with. And it's different with stronger bonds. Anyhow I see the smile and glow in my grandparent's eyes when me or my brother decide to stay with them for a few days. And that's what keeps me there. On the good side, I played cards with my grandpa, I baked with my grandma... So, I did have some fun. And, of course... I played with my dog. Well played isn't really a good word to describe it. My dog is huge German Shepherd and he's really young. So, obviously, he needs a lot of exercise and he would like to play all day long. My grandparents trained him so he would adjust to their life style but as soon as he sees somebody else, he's crazy. He likes to jump and grab people. I have to emphasize here that he's not hurting anyone, he wouldn't, but he would like to play with somebody and that's the only way he knows... So, I got home yesterday in bruises... But I love him. And my grandparents. Actually, his wasn't such a bad trip after all... :)
Beautiful landscape

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