02 January, 2016

MWL - intro

Hello :)
So, I don't know if you're interested in this (I don't know if you're interested in any of the things I write, but I do it anyway), but I'll write about this. This abbreviation I just used stands for My Weight Loss. I know a lot of girls (and guys) struggle with this issue and it is usually much deeper problem than just physical appearance. I decided to write down my journey as I was (and still am) in the I-wanna-change-my-looks club.
Basically, I'll just write down my feelings about this topic, my diets and workouts, how this has changed my style and me as a person and how I think people look at me now as opposed to then.
I'll also make this a series of posts so you'll really be able to see all aspects of my fight. This will be labeled as "My weight loss" and this label will be on the right, as all the others. I will not write one post after another; I'll mix them up with other topics so people wouldn't get bored of just my personal appearance.
Of course, I know it's hard to only read this, but please understand that I don't wanna show myself here as I'm writing some really personal stuff and I don't want anyone to know it's actually me. You'll just have to trust me and I promise I'll be 100% honest (as I always am here).
You are free to ask me anything in the comment section below and I'll answer everything as soon as I can.
That's all for the intro. Hopefully, this will help you (in any way).

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