20 November, 2015

To date or not to date a friend?

Hello :)
So, if you know me or if you've been reading my blog, you know that I enjoy cheesy romantic movies and all moments you see there. One of the most common situations in those movies is when a guy and a girl become a couple out of just being friends (do I need to point out, for example, Friends With Benefits?) Anyhow, this happens a lot so I though a bit about it. My thoughts wandered off and I thought what would I feel about dating my friends. My currently best male friends are Matt and Phillip. I immediately crossed Phillip of the list (I have my reasons why he would most likely be my sister, rather than boyfriend). Nevermind that, I still have Matt. While they make it sweet and romantic in movies, I can not picture myself with him. Romantically. I guess it's great when your lover is also your best friend, but when you start a relationship with someone as just friends, you kinda stay that forever. I know a lot can happen, but once I see someone as my friend, he's, most likely, gonna stay that. I can talk about if he's hot or not, if he's funny or not and I can say he is the best guy I've ever known and he makes me laugh but at some point of us hanging out he'll become like my brother (if we started as friends). And you don't see any romance in your brother. I know most of you will connect this to "friend zone" but look at it from this point of view. If I'm constantly with someone and we have fun and talk about lots of things, he or she will become my friend. (don't deny it, that's how you make friends!) Eventually, maybe, my best friend. And once you get to that, you can not really imagine yourself kissing that person. This could be a bit*h when the other person is in love with you and there are lots of undefined feelings but even if you're looking for a boyfriend and this guy, let's say Matt, is perfect, you'll go pass him and look somewhere else. Of course, this is only me so maybe you'll have different opinion and I would like to hear it (in the comments!). And not to read this in a wrong way, I'm not in love with Matt or even confused about us, I just named him because he's my friend and good example for this story. There are also other guys on this list - my brother's friends. He considers them as brothers. So, they're my step-brothers and nothing will ever happen. (The whole point is not whether I have offers or if I have a crush on any of them.) But, there are those people who you kinda like from the beginning so they're not actually your best friends but crush friends. Now, you can shift from being friends to dating really easy. I don't know how guys work so I wrote this from my point of view (and maybe some other girls, too).
Does this post make any sense? I don't think I really expressed myself right, but I really hope you'll get my point.
Not really...

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