19 September, 2015

Family relationships

Hello :)
I started writing a post about my family members and my relationships with them. As I wrote about half of my family, I realized that it's not enough to write two or three sentences about people who I care most about. And who care most about me. They all deserve a post to themselves. Even though there are bad moments in family, they need to be properly described. As do good ones, too. I will have separate posts for my brother, mother and father, than joined posts for my grandparents from my mother's side and grandparents from my father's side. Also there will be one post about my aunt and my cousin, her son. Then I'll maybe make just one post for all my other family members and what family means to me and what I feel about family in general.
As I believe that some people just become your family over the time, I will have to write about my fiends too. I have few people in my life that I love as my brothers and sisters and they deserve to know how I feel about them. Also, there are those whom I loved once and then we grew apart. They also deserve a post. One joined post because, unfortunately, there is too many of these people.
In the end, there are those, in my life just few of them, who I don't like any more. Now because we grew apart, because they did stuff I can't forget, stuff I can't forgive. Or they didn't deserve to be forgiven. There are always like this. Or I'll just mention few moments when my "friends" betrayed me and made me feel like I'm nothing.
Since this is going to be an ongoing series of posts, I will use tag "Family and Friends". This will be visible on right side of my blog, under "Labels". Click on it and you will be transferred to all my posts with that tag. I hope you will have the time to read as I hope you'll learn something from them. Or at least realize that you are either lucky (if you have normal relationships, happy ones) or not alone (if you have trouble with your relationships).
**Have in mind that this will be probably my most personal series of posts so far.
That's all :)

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